Hey everyone I recently solved the BugPoc XSS challenge and it was an awesome learning opportunity through a series of challenges, through the writeup I would divide the challenge into 3 parts and I will try to explain each part as easy as possible so let's begin:

  1. Bypassing the Iframe restriction
  2. Handling CSP
  3. DOM Clobbering to XSS

Bypassing the Iframe restriction

Hi everyone I hope that you all are well and good, recently I have been learning about security bugs that arise in Android apps from the static code level while learning the concepts I created a Vuldroid which is a vulnerable app that consists of the following Vulnerabilities:

  • Steal Password ResetTokens/MagicLoginLinks
  • Webview Xss via Exported Activity
  • Webview Xss via DeepLink
  • Stealing Files via Webview
  • Stealing Files via Fileprovider
  • Intent Sniffing Between Two Applications
  • Reading User Email via Broadcasts

Links- APKS

This is a spoiler to the labs so if you want to try reproducing the issues by your own here’s…

Hey, everyone, I hope you are doing fine. Around a few months back I have found this issue.

This is a case of pre account takeover in case a user has no account on the website and the attacker creates an account before the victim so in my case when attacker signup via Facebook on the main application and on Facebook attacker was registered using phone number so they got the option to add victim email-id in signup flow and later if victim sign-in and access via password reset the attacker will have access to the same account.

So as…

Hi everyone i hope you all are doing great , I wanted to share about a vulnerability in IDE’s which leads to command injection.

Now most IDE’s run on the virtual environment therefore even these kinds of vulnerabilities are not directly affecting them unless you can execute root commands. Now if you see in PHP you can code for a program use ‘shell exec’ E.G-$output = shell_exec(‘ls /etc/’) command which allows system commands to be executed on the command line, the interesting part here i found was that we could use these commands to fire system commands.

Example- shell_exec(‘ls…

Akshansh JaisWal

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